Great East Music Festivals is planning to move forward with hosting as many 2020 festivals as we can. We are monitoring the decisions of state and local government relative to best practices and any health directives. Obviously, the situation is fluid and much of the decision making is driven by the specific geography and locale. 

Should your administration choose to cancel, Great East Music Festivals will work with you on transferring deposits or payments for future reservations. We will deal with potential refunds and/or partial refunds on a case by case basis. Decisions on credits, partial refunds or refunds will not be made until June 1.

Again, the festivals will go on as planned absent directive from state or local government. We will update with any changes or new information.

  • The $250 fee we charge for groups cancelling after March 1 will NOT apply to groups cancelling because of COVID-19.

  • Though we typically ask groups to be paid in full 30 days before their festival date, we know that most schools are closed for the next few weeks and that it’s not possible to collect payments from your students. Payment deadlines will be extended.

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COVID-19 Situation