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Deadline Dates, Number Changes, Fees
Participant and Ticket Information


How much is registration?

It is $100 per group to register for the Great East Music Festivals. 
This fee is not a deposit on your account, and it is non-refundable.

Please send in payment after completing the registration form. You will not be added to the schedule until payment is made and we receive a registration form.

Is the registration fee applied to my balance?
No, the registration fee is a one time, non-refundable fee and is not considered a deposit or credit on your account. The fee per person is in addition to the registration fee.

How accurate does my number of participants have to be when I register?
Please be as accurate as possible. We know that numbers can fluctuate during the school year. If you are unsure, please err on the conservative side. It is much easier to add students later than to decrease them.

Deadline Dates, Number Changes, Fees

When will I receive an invoice?
You will receive an initial invoice for your registration. You will receive a separate invoice for your ticket and festival fees. When you make a payment or number change, you will receive a revised invoice.

How are number changes made?
The easiest way to make a number change is by email; however, you may also use snail-mail. We cannot accept number changes or anything invoice related over the phone – it must be in writing. 

Can I add to my numbers after the deadline date?
Yes. You can always increase your numbers after the deadline date; you MAY NOT decrease after that date. Numbers may also be increased on site. If you contact our office to increase your numbers, you may not drop them when you arrive on site: all number changes made after the deadline date are final.

What are the deadline dates?
You are financially responsible for all participants that appear on your statement. This includes the cancellation of a group. AFTER MARCH 1st the following fees will be applied for:

• Group Cancellation ($250 fee per group after this date)
• Date/Venue Change ($75 fee per group after this date)
• Schedule Change ($50 per group after this date)

Final Numbers
Final Number Change (Student or Adult): 30 days prior to your performance date

How do I know you received my number change or cancellation?
Number changes and/or cancellations are not considered official until you receive a confirmation from our office. If you do not receive a confirmation notice within ten (10) days, it is your responsibility to contact our office.

What is the refund policy for cancellations or number changes after the deadline date?
No refunds will be given for cancellations (group or individual) received after the deadline date. Great East Music Festivals reserves the right to charge a fee for any adjustments made after the deadline dates.


When are payments due?

• February 15th: First payment (1/2 of the balance due)
• 30 days prior to your festival date: Final payment

What if I signed up after February 15th?
We will customize a payment plan accordingly – but final payments will still be due 30 days before your festival.

What happens if I’m late with my payment?
If your payment is late, Great East Music Festivals reserves the right to charge a 5% late fee on the balance due. If your payment is going to be late, please contact our office.

My school may be on vacation when a payment is due; what should I do?
You must be aware of deadline dates to avoid a late fee; school vacations are not an acceptable excuse. **IMPORTANT** If your school office personnel are responsible for processing and mailing your payment, be sure they are aware of deadline dates. This is very important when number changes are involved. It’s not unusual for deadlines to be missed and late fees charged because paperwork or payments were on someone’s desk. A COPY OF THE INVOICE MUST BE INCLUDED WITH ALL PAYMENTS OR NUMBER CHANGES.

How are payments made?
Payments may be made by check or by credit card.

Are checks from parents acceptable?
We do not accept individual payments from parents. It must be a school check, bank check or money order. Your parents may not make checks payable to Great East Music Festivals.

Who should I write my check out to?
Great East Music Festivals.

Participant and Ticket Information

If I have students performing in more than one group, do they pay only one fee?
Yes, they pay only one participation fee; be sure your numbers indicate the total number of performers.

I have students who can do the festival only or park only. Is the fee different?
Yes; check your invoice for pricing and make the necessary adjustments.
• Festival and Park: student will participate in the festival and go to the park.
• Festival Only: student will participate in the festival only; NO park (or may have a season pass to the park); reduced price.
• Park Only: student will not participate in the festival; WILL go to the park; reduced price.

What if my student has a season pass to the park?
They will pay the festival only price. Please mark that student as “festival only” on your invoice.

How many complimentary tickets do I get?
One complimentary tickets will be given per 15 tickets purchased. Any additional adults traveling with the group must pay the adult rate and should be included in the count for adults.
• Adults: DO NOT include in the comp ticket count; you ARE charged for these.
• Comps: Complimentary tickets at no charge; normally used by the director(s) and chaperones; Great East Music Festivals may change your comps based on your final numbers.

How do I get my tickets?
Tickets will be given to the director at the performance site by the site coordinator. Tickets must be counted and signed for before leaving the performance site. This may be done by the director or other responsible adult. If there is a problem, you must contact the Great East Music Festivals site coordinator immediately. Great East Music Festivals is not responsible for tickets once they have been signed for.

My group would like to go to the park first (before performing). How do I get my tickets?
If your account is paid in full, tickets can be mailed directly to you at school with enough notice; the request must be made by email. You will be charged for postage to have tickets mailed. Tickets may also be picked up at your performance site by a responsible adult.

What happens if it rains on my festival date?
We cannot control the weather (unfortunately!). You can use your park tickets on a later date. We cannot give refunds for park tickets because of weather. Our festivals will take place rain or shine.

Do I have to pay to park at the amusement park?
Schools are responsible for obtaining parking for your chosen park/entertainment option. Our tickets to the park do not include bus parking.

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