What music can my group perform?
Music is your choice; there is no required repertoire for our festivals. The music should be challenging enough to make this an experience through which the groups will grow, improve, and mature.

Can we perform an original piece?
Yes, but be sure each judge receives a numbered score.

Can I give the judges copied scores?
We strongly encourage you bring original scores. The scores are being used for educational purposes, so you can bring copies, but only if absolutely necessary. If you do bring copies, please leave them with the judges and Great East Festivals will destroy/shred them.

The piece my group is performing is no longer in print and I can’t get scores. What do I do?
A copied score is acceptable provided a note from the publisher is included with the scores for the judges stating the piece is no longer in print.

What do I need for the judges?
On your arrival, you should hand the coordinator two (2) packets; each packet should include:
• Program Order: list the pieces the group will perform and give a brief background of your group;
• Scores: measures should be numbered to allow the judges to be specific with their comments and suggestions.

Will I receive a copy of the score sheets?
Yes. After your performance, you will receive score sheets, recorded comments, and a rating plaque.

What do we do with cases?
Cases are not allowed in any of the schools, and must be left on the buses. If the weather is questionable, the coordinator may use their discretion with orchestra cases.

Are we coming back to the warm up room; can we leave our things there?
Unless you are the last group of the day, you will not return to the warm up room.

What time should we arrive at our performance site?
Approximately 30 minutes prior to your warm up time. Please arrive on time, or ahead of the suggested time, so your group can unload and prepare for their performance in a relaxed, organized manner.

Can we arrive early, or stay after our performance, to listen to other groups?
Absolutely! We encourage all our groups to listen to their peers perform.

What happens if our group is late?
If your group arrives late, Great East Music Festivals reserves the right to change your performance time to fit the schedule. Your group may have to forfeit their warm up time and/or cut a number to conform with the schedule. Groups that are on site will be allowed to perform at their scheduled time.

Do the festivals run on time?
Barring any unforeseen circumstances (fire drill, traffic, weather, etc.), our festivals normally run on time.

Can our group performance order be changed when we arrive on site?
No. All materials the judges will need have been prepared in performance order.

Should I have a set up crew?
A set up crew and a seating chart are helpful. Your set up crew and percussion section should be ready to set the performance area for your group. Time is precious; it will be beneficial for set up crew to be efficient and well-organized.

How much warm up time is allowed?
• When warm up and performance are in different rooms: Roughly 20 minutes – Your group will have ample travel time as well as 5 minutes for set up. NO TUNING IN THE PERFORMANCE AREA.
• When warm up and performance are in the same room: Vocal groups – 10 minutes; instrumental groups – 15 minutes (arranging stands, chairs, equipment).

How long is our performance time?
This can fluctuate slightly, but in general:
•Choral groups and Jazz Ensembles get 25 minutes on stage.
•Instrumental groups get 30 minutes on stage.
These times include set up, performance, and the clinic.

Is there a clinic after our performance?
Yes. Your group should remain in the performance area. A judge will join your group for a clinic.

What happens after our performance and clinic?
After your performance and clinic, you will receive a rating plaque. Your group(s) may listen to other groups perform or leave for the park.