Equipment Needs

What equipment is provided at each site?
• Music stands
• Chairs
• A full set of timpani (4)
• A concert bass drum
• Acoustic or electric piano
• Choral risers

What equipment is not provided at each site?
• Electrical equipment
• Sound systems
• Cassette/CD players
• Mouthpieces
• Large mallet keyboards (we will provide if available)
• Smaller percussion such as snare drums, cymbals, sticks, etc.

What do I do if equipment I need is not provided at the performance site?
If your performance requires equipment other than listed, plan to bring it with you.

Can I contact the host for additional equipment?
Please ask the staff at Great East Music Festivals. It is easier for only one person to be interacting with all of the hosts.

I have a large group. Should I bring extra stands or risers?
Large instrumental ensembles should bring extra stands. Large choral groups may want to bring extra risers.

What else do I need for a stress-free performance?
• Percussionists must bring sticks and mallets, snare drums and stands, all accessories and any other needs for their performance.
• Make sure students remember to bring their mouthpieces.
• You must arrive on site with music for all your students. Copiers are not available at performance site.